Our company has a sector specialized in the search for particular goods of difficult diffusion that people often need.

During this difficult period our visitors have become more interested in the shopping area of health products for the protection of health care personnel, civil and government personnel.

We remind you, however, that you must also appreciate the beauties of life because the COVID 19 emergency will come to an end and we suggest you to admire for true wine connoisseurs, our shop has been enriched with fine Italian wines made to be tasted and welcomed by the scent of the land that produced them.

Italian wines are the most appreciated by connoisseurs and not all over the world.

In fact, the most famous bottles of fine wines are produced in Italy and in the reds sector, many of the Italian regions and in particular Tuscany produce wines of the highest level.

It is our company’s policy not to operate with private individuals but with companies and distributors.

From the largest object to the smallest object, from the particular invoice goods to the most common goods, we manage to find it for the customer at the best price on the international market.

We employ well-known suppliers, with whom we have established a lasting relationship of trust over time.

All goods have internationally known certifications, from the American FDA to the CE (European Certificate) to the direct certification of the company holding the mining concession in Ethiopia and the certifications of the country of origin.

Particularly manufactured goods can also be requested, made with antibacterial and antivirus fabrics and possibly also adorned with certified golden embroidery or anything that even luxury can claim.

From the most sought after product to the particular product, we find it there.

Our strength is the partnership with internationally known importers, from the United States of America, from Israel, from Italy, from United Kingdom to China.

The directors of the partner companies do not spare themselves with their staff in research and customer satisfaction which is our best business card.

The goods can be requested in large quantities without it being a difficulty for us, indeed, there is the possibility of negotiating the best price and offering it with the advantage that the materials used are of quality.

The transport can take place by sea, by land and by air depending on the availability of the couriers, the weight, the size and the price that the customer intends to pay, and this obviously will also affect the delivery times that we will have to agree with the supplier and the company that will handle the delivery of the product.


In shopping we will be able to supply from the single customer to the government customer, the web portal will grow together with your types of request, from sanitary products, to clothing, to jewels to end with technological products.

Our work begins the moment we have evidence of funds from our bank and it is in our interest to try to please the customer, because his satisfaction is our commercial satisfaction as word of mouth is a very powerful advertising medium.

The transport costs will be quantified in the estimate that you will receive from SHADOIT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LLC.

Requesting a product that you cannot find is very simple, just fill out the form inCONTACT USand explain what you need, as well as provide a mobile number that is connected to whatsapp to allow us to contact you quickly and satisfy your request .

Physical stores have limited stock.

They only keep those things which are common and most selling.

There are many different reasons which affect the availability of different products.

The local retailer also tries to sell their limited stock. While online shopping showcase variety from their stock and various stores.

You can browse and select products as per your choice and latest trend.

Online stores are not providing wide ranges of different products.

They are also offering a lower price. That’s the one reason why do people shop online.

There are several options available to compare prices from different stores.

Believe nothing problematic at lower prices. E-Retailers only reduce their profit margin to attract customers.

They understand the weakness of buyers.

Occasionally e-retailers offer discounts on different products and best deals to increase their sale among competitors.

Convenience is the number one reason cited by those who prefer shopping online versus visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

The benefits of shopping online when it comes to convenience are pretty clear-cut: where else can you do your shopping after midnight, wearing your pj‘s?

Plus, when you are shopping online, you can avoid crowds as well as the annoyance (and waste of time) of waiting in a line – benefits I thought about last time I was shopping for my kids.

By buying online you can do your shopping in minutes even if you are busy, as you can fit it in your spare time, for example the commute to work.

The time-saving perk of online shopping is, however, dependent on external factors: shoppers need to have a reliable and fast internet connection, and online retailers need to ensure website performance, for example reducing the number of large, hard-to-load images, designing a responsive website that works on various devices, and so on.

According to a number of studies, three of the most important reasons for shopping online are the convenience of shopping wherever whenever, the possibility to get the best price, and greater product selection.