Ethiopian Aquamarine, literally sea stone, is a variety of beryllium used in crystal therapy to harmonize the fifth chakra, it works a lot on feelings and it is a very clear stone therefore it is also good for harmonizing also associating emotions, femininity, healing, reconciliation, dreams, sensitivity, rhythm and sleep.


Aquamarine is a silicate, belonging to the Beryl family and it has a hexagonal crystalline system, its lithogenetic process is the primary one and it is a stone that is best represented in it.

You can distinguish the variety of ethiopian aquamarine from the other for the more or less intense blue color and the possible presence of green shades.

These chromatic variations depend in particular on the place of extraction.

Aquamarine in itself is a variety of beryllium.

Its blue color is given by the presence of iron.

Just to make you understand better, the ethiopian aquamarine would be the blue beryllium.

Aquamarine has a reasonable economic value, especially if you are looking for jewelry pieces.

Being a stone linked to water, it helps you manage emotions, mixed feelings and pain born from losses.

By wearing it regularly, you can gain greater confidence in your talents, thus resolving some fears of the past, overcoming that state of shyness that often held you back when you tried to reach your goals.


Rings, earrings, necklaces in ethiopian aquamarine. In jewelry it is one of the most loved stones.

The lower the number of inclusions, the higher the caliber and therefore the economic value.

The ethiopian aquamarine used in jewelry is often subjected to heat treatments to remove the green tint that is frequently present in the raw crystal and they are also heated above 400 degrees.

Here we provide Ethiopian Rough Acquamarine.

Usually the colors are blue, depending on which type of blue from dark blue to navy blue.

They are uniquely colored by the heat of the nature within the mountains, above the surface, which naturally provides the color.

Ethiopian Aquamarine a precious gemstone that is well attracted to those who understand its intrinsic value and uniquely natured colors.

Precious brands use acquamarine along with jewels and stewart shops.





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