ETHIOPIAN DIAMONDS These brilliant ethiopian diamonds are excellent and have hexagonal design shape and thats why they are done in facade cut in the manufactures, we provide a normal cut though we do take care of the nature hexagonal design of its reflection

We provide rough Ethiopian Diamonds, varies from different Sizes for each Diamond piece of Gemstones from 1 Carat to 15 Grams, to large one 60 Grams and available for Export, from Ethiopia.

Major brands such Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Ulysse Nardin, Patik Philippe Watches uses the Ethiopian Diamonds for their brand elevation.

But here we have the intrinsic value of the Ethiopian Diamonds that provides you a return on investment just like the value of Gold.

While the value of Gold is monitored.

The advantage of gems is due to shininess, human get attracted to it just like Gold, because its yellow and shiny.

We can provide clean rough diamonds by using our aggregates because once its crude there is a lot ashes in it by nature.

Price for carat is 3,000.00 USD.

In Words Three Thousand United States Dollars. 1 5 Carats.

For now availability 25 Carats. In future we can provide 1 Kilogram

Do you know how to distinguish gems?

What are the four C’s?

How are diamonds valued?

Here is a quick guide to resolve any doubts about diamonds, which are also the stone of April.

The ethiopian diamonds are a excellent investsments in the time

Diamonds are considered the most precious stones.

But how much are the ethiopian gems of a ring, earrings or necklace really worth?

They are all the same? How to recognize and judge them?

For a safe and definitive evaluation of a ethiopian diamond it is better to contact an expert who can view the stone directly.

Only those who have seriously studied gemology can offer a safe judgment and correct.





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