The Ethiopian Opals are a stones that acts on the 5th and 6th chakras, that of the throat and that of the third eye, this wonderful stone has the ability to increase the will to live, the enthusiasm and optimism, to bring to the surface the most true aspects of a person, as well as the emotions buried

Ethiopian Opals

Ethiopian Opals helps to acquire safety and calm, to remove stress and depression, are used it if you have to stop following the same mental patterns and have a tendency to mull over the past. It is a protective stone against negative energies.

On a physical level, Opal is beneficial for greeting the eyes, strengthening eyesight, also precious for the greeting of nails, hair and skin.

Balances the fluids in the body and cleanses the kidneys and blood, it stimulates memory and balances female hormones.

Ethiopian Opal CHANEL

On a mental level, Ethiopian Opals strengthens emotions, looking at the feelings on the surface so that they can be analyzed and metabolized.

Amplifies the cleaning process of past wounds, erasing old resentments.

Crystal opal, this term actually refers to an opal that has a transparent, translucent or semi-translucent body.

The Ethiopian Opals are also called a “diaphaneity” of a stone. If the light is able to pass through the stone, or you can see through an opal, then you are probably looking at a crystal opal.

Crystal opals can use this color in a splendid play of colors. However, when boulder opals show a translucent opal layer they are not referred to as crystal opals due to their matte sandstone support.

The Ethiopian Opals crystal are an extraordinary greeting and healing stone that supports the whole being. Brings good mood and a deep feeling of joy and exuberance in a person’s life.

Use it if you want to be more positive and spontaneous with others.

Opals stones are used as well in Chanel Jewellery, yet a Chanel is a branded name whilst it holds its brand loyalty.

27 Grams of Opal on the right worth the price of a Chanel Bag or Jewellery.

The Ethiopian Opals has its intrinsic value, and therefore used in many sort of Jewellery and accessories, as well an investment away from hyperinflation like as the price of crude oil rise up, the price of gold increases.

We provide Ethiopian Opal, Berry Reddish Colour, weight 10.5 Grams with its soft cabochan Cut, with its Brilliant Shine at the light reflection.

This Opal is found at the Benishigual Region.

The Southern Region of Ethiopia.

For this Opal we can provide Rough Opal depending on the availability.

Opals are solid and beautiful, especially in the Bazel face of the watch due to their captivating colors.

For example in a Rolex Date & Just.

The Reddish, Brownish Colour that we have is can be feminine and masculine depending on clients personal understanding.





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