PULSE OXIMETER - SATURIMETER - HEALTH SHOPThe Saturimeter can take various names such as Pulse Oximeter or more simply Oximeter and is a medical product used to monitor the oxygenation status of blood but also to control heartbeats and is very useful when blood oxygen levels drop below normal values, causing cellular suffering and problems with tissues and especially organs.

The use of the Pulse Oximeter or Saturimeter can be useful for healthcare professionals to assess the patient’s general respiratory function, to keep saturation and heart rate of patients with pulmonary or cardiac problems under control, to monitor oxygenation and therefore hemoglobin saturation in patients suffering from sleep apnea, to check respiratory function in smoking patients or for environments where staff are exposed to pollutants as well as lately used to check respiratory function in patients suffering from coronavirus or COVID-19.

Having a saturimeter in the home could save the life of people suffering from heart disease and especially coronavirus, as it is a device that measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood and monitors the function and health status of a patient who may have contracted a virus such as COVID-19.

The use of the Pulse Oximeter is simple, only needing to apply it to a finger of the hand to obtain the vital values of a person in a few seconds.

With the Pulse Oximeter it is possible to monitor the respiratory function of a patient who is not hospitalized, to control the side effects of the Covid-19 and if the oxygen values should fall below 90%, immediate action should be taken to avoid respiratory failure and compromise of vital parameters.

PULSE OXIMETER - SATURIMETER - HEALTH SHOPThe Pulse Oximeter or Saturimeter has now become a portable instrument and represents an important step forward for the constant monitoring of patients, at a very low cost to keep at home in the same way as a thermometer.

The instrument consists of a clamp-shaped probe, consisting of two diodes that generate light beams in the red and infrared field and a photocell that receives the light after the beams have passed through the patient’s skin and circulation, therefore absolutely non-invasive and usable by anyone.


Measuring with Pulse Oximeter a low level of oxygen in the blood, or hypoxemia, is a condition in which oxygen levels in the arterial flow fall below normal parameters, usually between 96 and 100% saturation.

If with Pulse Oximeter the oxygen levels fall below 85 or 90%, the cells stop functioning normally and alter the functioning of the body, showing the patient symptoms due to lack of oxygen in the blood, such as severe breathing difficulties, and it is essential to call the medical staff immediately or go to the nearest hospital for a safety check.

If the result is 95% or less there may be a state of hypoxia, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood, and therefore in the cells and tissues of the body, and such a result should lead the person to a medical check-up for greater safety, especially if he is a smoker or a heart patient or other.

The use of the Pulse Oximeter or Saturimeter does not present risks and even less contraindications of any kind, in fact the simplicity of use and invasiveness practically non-existent, make the use of this instrument extremely practical and accessible to anyone.

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Article appearing in “Il Giornale” Italy on 7 May 2020          



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