This area is dedicated only to companies and government representatives, requests from private individuals will not be considered.

To purchase on this web portal, view the products and from the contact page you will have to indicate any company details for billing, the place of destination, the type of item to be purchased and most importantly, the quantity of goods you are interested in.

Requests can NOT be made for single quantities per item, but you must also remember that we have more possibilities with a larger number of pieces to tick a lower price.

The delivery is usually EXW or CIP Airport Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China or other country of the manufactory, but you can arrange with your couriers or ask us to point out some, so the goods is FOB.

All manufacturers have provided European CE certification and American FDA certification also because the customs authorities of Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China or other countries, in the absence of this documentation do not allow the clearance of goods.

There is also the possibility to have the goods delivered by ship and even though the costs are at your charge the price is really very convenient contrary to the delivery by DHL, FEDEX etc that using cargo planes have very high prices and no more convenient as before the crisis of CORONAVIRUS.

The processes to be followed are the following and there are no variations that can be accepted:

1 – A LoI (Letter of Intent) and a BANK Proof of Fundsthe LoI and the Bank Proof of Funds must be in the name of the same company that will make the purchase

2 – A KYC (Know Your Customer) – document to be able to understand which company and people we are dealing with, also because this documentation will also be sent to the bank including company documentation: “GOOD STANDING” or “TRADE CHAMBER VIEW”

3 – We send Soft Corporate Offer, product certifications, technical reports and some photographs of the outside of the box containing the product

4 – The buyer accepts the Soft Corporate Offer by signing and stamping it and sends the Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order and CEO passport fastly

5 – We send Full Corporate Offer, Contract and Final Calendar

6 – The customer signs the Contract and opens an Irrevocable Letter of Credit with the bank or bankary ESCROW and receive POL

We would like to point out that our companies and partners work only and exclusively with banks and we are not interested in ESCROW agencies or statements by lawyers declaring financial funds available to the client but only Bank Proof of Funds from exclusively Banking sources.

Many customers and brokers usually request the movie with the customer’s name prominently displayed.
It is the policy of our companies to release this movie only when the bank’s Letter of Credit is opened as the client is often not considered eligible by the bank to open an ESCROW or Letter of Credit and we do not want to give those who do not have what it takes the opportunity to scam other people.

The bank will be the guarantor of both the seller, the broker and the buyer, making the transaction completely transparent and secure for the purchase.

We will contact you and resolve all your requests in a positive way as we have already done with many customers.






As for the NITRILE GLOVES (NITRIL MEDICAL GLOVES), each box contains 100 gloves of the desired size and required in the LOI, the color is the classic blue and manufacturers can be various, while always respecting the same specific technical characteristics as the minimum supply can not be below 1 million boxes reaching no more than 20 million pieces per month per customer.

Having written agreements as exclusive distributors for many brands, we always provide the customer with brands that grant full availability when we receive the LOI.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the brand of a particular manufacturer if they have already informed us that they cannot grant their availability at that precise time.

The price is USD 6.8 FOB

To be able to access the purchase you will need to send a LOI (Letter of Intent) and prepare a BANK PROOF OF FUNDS and then proceed immediately either with a BANK CREDIT LETTER or with a BANK ESCROW on primary bank; no other method of payment will be accepted and that are not guaranteed by a primary bank.

Once the controls and bank validations have been carried out, the reception of the requested and contracted goods will begin, at the airport indicated in response to the LOI, where they will be delivered to the customer with all the appropriate documents and can collect them with their own means, making the operation completely transparent and secure for the purchase.

The customer will be notified of the availability of the brand at that time, based on the information that the manufacturers provide us weekly.
The customer will be able to choose among the brands that we will offer but will not be able to request a different one because the worldwide demand is very high and we cannot ask for special favors.



We are exclusive distributors for many glove factories and can supply large quantities of latex, vinyl and especially nitrile glove boxes.

Nitrile is a soft elastic material with better puncture and abrasion resistance than latex or vinyl gloves.
It is made from a synthetic polymer that exhibit rubber like characteristics when vulcanized. Its chemical name is Carboxylated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Latex.
Being synthetic, it has no natural rubber latex proteins that cause allergy.
Hence, it is suitable for those whom have such allergy issue. Compared to vinyl, super soft nitrile gloves are more elastic, and flexible resembling latex gloves.
Thus providing less fatigue, and more comfort for longer hours of usage.
It has better resistance and to a wider range of toxic chemicals and common solvents, such as hydrocarbons, oils and fats.
Thus, it is suitable for many industries. Nitrile gloves have good barrier protection properties, very durable and excellent strength.
However, it is generally more expensive than latex or vinyl gloves.






The price FOB is USD 9,500 including USA customs, as the customer will collect after the required customs controls for goods in transit through USA.

To be able to access the purchase you will need to send a LOI (Letter of Intent) and prepare a BANK PROOF OF FUNDS and then proceed immediately either with a  BANK ESCROW on primary bank; no other method of payment will be accepted and that are not guaranteed by a primary bank.

Once the bank checks and validations have been carried out, the receipt of the requested and contracted goods will begin, FOB, making the operation completely transparent and safe for the purchase.

Shipping is not included.

We can ship anywhere in the USA and EUROPE putting you in contact with an international courier with which you can make private agreements also for the economic-financial costs that will be charged to the customer.

Shipping will be cheap as these units are light and small.