Blend: Falanghina – Spumante Extra Dry
Production: Italy, Campania Region
Soy: volcanic
Rearing method: trellis
Production per hectare: 80 – 90 q.
Harvesting period: august – september
Harvesting: manual
Vinification: pre fermentative technique criomaceration
Fermentation: stainless steel for 12 days
Fermenting temperature: 14° C
Refermentation: 4 mounth Charmat Method
Bottled refining: almost 60 days
Alcohol: 12°
Acidity: 6,50


Spumante Extra Dry – Sparkling wine, in fact, is ideal for instilling good cheer facilitating smiles, making conversations more pleasant, to foster a happier, more serene and, even more optimistic.
It is lightness, freshness, aroma, elegance; it is lively, it is young and feminine if it is true as it is true that its consumption increases among women.
The choice of types is wide and for all tastes, and depends on its residual sugar: pas dosè (zero dosage), extra brut (very dry), brut (dry), extra dry (soft dry), dry (not very sweet), demi sec (sweet) and doux (sweet).
The demi sec and doux are particularly suitable for accompanying desserts and are the prerogative of aromatic grape varieties.
Spumante Extra Dry – The pas dosè is for expert palates while the extra dry is also excellent as an aperitif. But you don’t have to be reckless
in trying to match the various recipes with the right kind.
Spumante Extra Dry – The methods of sparkling wine making are different, the most widely used are are the classic method (or champenoise method or method traditional or bottle refermentation method) and the Martinotti / Charmat method (or autoclave refermentation method or Italian method).

Cod. 1014

Spumante Extra Dry   


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