Ethiopian Ruby

Ethiopian ruby is often referred to by the term “carbunculus” (‘small coal’) and ​​is a beautiful stone and the gemstone has an intense red color which, when exposed to the sun, becomes the color of hot coals

Ethiopian ruby - rubies

The Ethiopian ruby, as well as for the Sapphire, is a colored variety of the corundum mineral, an aluminum oxide crystal.

The ruby ​​is one of the most expensive and rare gems among the known gems, much rarer than the diamond itself, especially in the most intense and pure reds such as the gems of Ethiopia.

Clear Ethiopian rubies with no visible inclusions are practically nowhere to be found and normally has more inclusions than the sapphire, albeit smaller.

Ethiopian rubies can have the effect of distributing light more delicately, accentuating both its beauty and its value, but most of the specimens show their beauty at best when exposed to natural light or under a source of white light and many they display a strong fluorescence of a bright red color.

Ruby ​​can be steam and ultrasonic cleaned.

Ethiopian ruby - rubies

Ethiopian ruby Stone, the one we provide is cabochan cut.

All the star-studded rubies of Ethiopia and the cat’s eye rubies of Ethiopia are cut into cabochons (convex shape, very shiny, but not faceted) and their optical phenomenon is even more visible when the gem is subjected to a single ray of direct light .

Varies from different carats from three to more carats.

Ethiopian ruby stone encourage delights, lucky and increase skills.

Ethiopian ruby - rubies

Ruby stone helps a person against anything devil.

So ruby stone is a lucky one.

Their colour is done by the nature of Earth.

Ruby stone are known to be Pink Sapphires.

Ethiopian rubies have a hardness of 9.0 Mohs scale of search of Rough Rubies.

Rubies are found near to volcanoes as its inside the Metamorphic Rock, heated rocks in volcanoes that were erupted before.