Ethiopian Sapphire

Ethiopian sapphire deriving its name from the greek word sappheiros, sapphires have been used in jewellery for thousands of years

The best-known sapphires are the brilliant blue variety, but they actually come in every colour of the rainbow—including orange, green, yellow and pink.

Red sapphires are better known as rubies, although both are varieties of the mineral corundum.

Rough Ethiopian Blue Sapphire is one of the most beautiful stones that any jeweller will ever have the chance to admire.

Ethiopians have been mining sapphires artisanally for many years in Tigray, the northern-most of the nine regions of Ethiopia, particularly around a local town called Chila.

Ethiopian sapphire - sapphireThere are three well-known types of sapphire in Ethiopia.

Blue Star sapphire and Fancy sapphire are common, but it is the ‘colour-changing’ sapphire from the areas surrounding Chila which is of highest quality and commercially sought.

These colour changing gemstones feature a blue, star and green series and can be classified as either ‘High-Fe’ sapphire or ‘Low-Fe’ sapphire, and are formed by magmatic and metamorphic processes.

Ethiopia also produces the rare and coveted pink sapphires known as ‘padparadscha’ (from the Sinhalese word meaning aquatic lotus blossom), which has seen renewed interest since England’s Princess Eugenie revealed her salmon padparadscha engagement ring in early 2018.

The top-end Apple Watch has sapphire glass in its screen?

It does.

But despite such industrial uses, this most beautiful gemstone is best known – and loved – for its breathtaking appearance in jewellery.

Ethiopian sapphire - sapphire

We provide Rough Ethiopian Sapphire, Blueish and found at the Benishigual Region of Ethiopia, the Southern Part of Ethiopia.

We have supply of 1 Kilogram or less or more and more of Rough Sapphires.

Sapphires are shiny and due to its nature it has a hexagonal design within inside the Sapphire and that provides its light reflection and grasps the eyes of human.

That is the reason its used in Precious Watches and Jewelery. Since Watches and Jewelery are only Names, Sapphires elevates its brand loyalty.

We have large and small pieces of Rough Sapphires depending in the rough cut from the mining.

We can also provide clean and non clean sapphire that is coming from the mining, depending on the mining.

With aggregate it can be cleaned.

All our Sapphires are nontreated.

Below is the rough Sapphires we have and an example of Jaeger LeCoultre Watch having their Sapphire to make you understand the value of the Gemstones and its intrinsic value.

Net Price 1 Kilo of Rough Sapphire, 500,000 USD. 1 Gram is 500 USD.

In words Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. / Five Hundred United States Dollars.