Investment Proposal

Investment Proposal - precious stones It has always been important to use safe havens such as gold, silver, and especially the precious stones that represent a reliable and safe investment outside of any world crisis

During the financial crisis we have been eroded the funds of thousands of investors bringing people to wonder whether it would be better to have the goods haven instead of the paper currency accumulation that eventually, often has been cleared as an investment proposal.

History has taught us that the precious gems, have often been used as a bargaining chip instead of money, also ensuring the survival of entire families during the American Depression and various wars involving many countries.

The big finance are also responsible for investments in precious stones that guarantee good not devalued in the future and certainly a good investment that can be passed down for generations.

But it is not only the purchase of precious stones that can put us to secure and guarantee us a good investment, in fact, not all gemstones are recognized as a good investment as they have to boast certain and very specific characteristics that can be recognized and assessed by expert gemologists and jewelers.

Many people, before the global financial crisis, had invested in real estate that, with time lost to a percentage value also very considerable and those that had been rented generated costs in taxes, unpaid rent and expensive lawyers to make them accessible again.

With the valuable all this can not happen because the financial markets have never heard that devalue a precious stone, but rather, if having the ideal gemological characteristics is a real investment for the future that can only increase the value and does not generate expenses.

It gemstone it can sell at any time obtaining much of the initial value which is determined by platt (price of the bag) as an investment proposal.

Investments in precious stones are recommended for a term not less than five years also because of the increase of their value, that are considered commodities and luxury and do not involve risk, as well as goods are not subject to taxation bearer of the various States and they do not involve bureaucratic expenses but only the purchase price.

The gems that are considered by investors a safe haven are diamonds.

Emeralds, rubies, opals and sapphires because of their nature can definitely undergo revaluation over time even more of the same diamond.

The gems are something very personal and there is the problem of choosing which will increase in value as all, though with certain gemological characteristics, determine some value, especially if accompanied by a gemological certificate which is the basis of the guarantee purchase.

The percentage advisable to make a good investment in precious stones, should play a principal amount of 15% of the total available funds in this way you would have available well in five years and then decide whether to sell it and make money or continue to store it for future use or as emergency capital as an investment proposal.

Often there will be persuaded that buying jewelry is also a safe haven but is a misconception because when you purchased it also pays the processing of gold and the value given to the jewel and not the pure price of the bag of the various materials involved for the construction of the object.

The growth in time of precious stones is intrinsic to their quality certification which determines rarity, purity and many other characteristics that determine the price.

We have the opportunity to buy directly from the producers of rough stones, dealers mines in Ethiopia, and view them in the finished state, carved by hands of experienced teachers that will differentiate to form and harmony creating an asset as well as valuable, but mostly luxury.

The banks also affected the deal being linked to diamonds, often enticed customers purchase at their facilities but not doing this to the customer who still have to pay the fees that often exceed the value produced by spending the first two years from the gemstone.

The prices of precious stones that you can see on this area reserved for the few fans who love luxury, have all been subjected to a thorough gemological testing, after which he was awarded a qualification and a very specific commercial value as an investment proposal.

For diamonds the main features to be taken into consideration are the “4C”, namely the color (color), purity (clarity), cutting (cut) and the weight (carat) but it is often also taken into account the fluorescence .

Here are good reasons to capitalize on gemstones certified